Midi Memory‘s debut single, No Return, was released today! This is a new project from Matt Messore of Cathedral Bells. It began earlier this year when Matt approached me about the concept for Midi Memory, asking me to mix and master the album. No Return came after two other songs had been completed.

Our process involves Matt sending me the tracks he records, mostly raw. I do a rough mix of the song, adding appropriate compression and EQ, doing basic placement of the tracks (using delay, reverb, panning). Matt provides feedback and edit requests; I then go further into editing and placement, adding basic mastering as well. We continue to bounce back and forth until we begin to feel that the song is close. From there I begin to master the track until we’re both satisfied.

Spirit Goth released this single on all digital platforms (July 9, 2021). I am cyborg and that’s ok created an amazing music video for the single, which we feel honored to have their support!


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I am cyborg but that’s ok: Midi Memory – No Return (YouTube)